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Writing Resources

Character Creation Made Easy Workbook

Use this workbook to create and/or develop main characters' physical traits, personalities, storylines, and more. This multi-page yet EASY-to-follow workbook makes creating characters or learning about real people in your project simple. Brainstorm, dream, list, and more with this handy tool. 

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Brainstorming Workbook

Use this guided brainstorming packet to daydream and document ideas for your next project. Explore the eight essential elements of a story. Map out your arc and plot. Consider characters and conflict. Curate a list of industry contacts. Use the 60-page book and duplicate its pages as needed. This tool will help you take the first exciting steps toward creating your story!

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How to Work with Beta Readers

Use this guide to establish efficient and effective relationships with beta readers who will not only enhance your work but also support your efforts to create a pride-worthy book.

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Editing Resources

Proofread Like a Pro Checklist

Save time and money! This packet contains many of the most common errors editors and proofreaders spot and are paid to fix.  Use the Proofread Like a Pro Checklist to correct your own errors. Learn from mistakes, improve your writing, save time, and save money in the editing and publishing processes. Clean writing = credibility with readers. Don't skip the important steps of editing and proofreading. Secure your credibility while using this shortcut to success.

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How to Use Track Changes In Word

Use this easy guide to learn how to use Word's Track Changes tool so you can minimize errors, improve your writing, and efficiently collaborate with writers, editors, proofreaders, publishers, and others. 

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Publishing Resources

The Complete Project Planner for Authors

The Author Project Planner is for any writer who is beginning or has just begun a project. This comprehensive tool will help you plan important aspects of your book/writing project on the front end, which will save you time and money as you write, edit, publish, and market your work. The planner is written as a Word document so that you can expand and add information.

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Idea to Marketplace Self-Publishing Checklist

Jody Dyer created this checklist to help authors meet industry standards and produce high-quality books without wasting time or money. This worksheet will guide you through the "to do items" in the four phases of the publishing process: writing, editing, publishing, and marketing. Checklist tasks are provided in purposeful order. You may insert rows and columns to add specificity, make  notes for future projects, record dates, plan/record expenses, keep URLS, save login credentials, and more. Use this step-by-step process to lessen stress and speed up your path from idea to published, profitable book!

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Marketing Resources

The Ultimate Hashtag Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Hashtag Cheat Sheet explains what you should be doing and what you should NOT be doing with social media hashtags. Also included are handy planning pages you can easily adapt to your marketing goals and duplicate for future efforts/other products and services. Start using these foolproof guidelines, tips, formulas, and planning pages today. Download this handy tool now and shortcut your way to hashtag success!

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Author Brand Marketing Kit Checklist with Real Examples

Set yourself up for immediate success. This packet tells you exactly what you need in your author brand marketing kit AND gives you real life examples of items. Be ready for media, readers, retailers, and groups, and establish your credibility in the marketplace for book-selling success!

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The Ultimate Plan to Market Your Book and Make Money

The best way to approach marketing is to offer quality content and be consistent in promotional/communication efforts. There is NO need to feel overwhelmed. Instead, slow down, learn, pace yourself, and do what you can do well as often as you can reasonably do it.  Use The Ultimate Plan to Market Your Book and Make Money to map out your path to profitability!

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365 Ways to Market Your Book in Under 10 Minutes

Too busy to design and tackle a huge book marketing plan? On a tight budget? Hoping to sell more copies?
Crippled Beagle Publishing created a long list of quick tasks to help you find readers, expand your digital footprint, and earn more royalties. Book marketing is a long game, and books live forever, so why overwhelm your schedule with unrealistic, time-consuming marketing efforts? Instead, commit only ten minutes a day (and no money) to grow your brand.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Author Pages on Amazon and GoodReads

Take advantage of these free landing pages and reach more readers. Our handy guide will help you quickly set up engaging pages so you can sell more books!

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