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Hello! I'm Jody Dyer, Founder of Crippled Beagle Publishing.

This is my story.

When I was young, my crippled beagle Bell kept me company as I daydreamed on paper. Bell had backward knees, but a calm disposition and sweet nature made her an all-time favorite pet. She loved to hang out in our old tobacco barn in East Tennessee and bark at the chickens. In late summer and early fall, I often sat in a wooden swing that hung from the barn's rafters, and I cracked walnuts from a nearby tree. I set them on the tack room step, where Bell wagged her short tail and waited for her seasonal treat.

Like Bell, humans are imperfect, but we have stories to tell. I welcome the opportunity to help you share your talent and communicate your unique message in a powerful way. There are many steps in telling your story, but you don’t have to take the steps alone. Crippled Beagle Publishing guides clients from any stage (ideas, piles of notes, rough drafts, manuscripts) through the complex phases of writing, revising, publishing, and marketing. We work with you to figure out the best, fastest, and most economical route that will help you reach your goals. You choose (with our guidance) from a variety of methods at different price points. We work one step at a time so that you not only accomplish your mission but also learn how the evolving, expanding publishing industry works today. If you don’t where to start or how to continue from where you are now, that is okay. We will figure it out together, starting with a Next Steps Call with me, Jody Dyer.

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