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You have a story. Crippled Beagle Publishing will help you tell it. 

After a life-changing experience many years ago, I decided to write a book that I knew would help other families. That inkling to write grew into a successful book, more books, and a thriving business through which my team and I help aspiring authors reach their publishing goals.

No matter where you are in the writing process right now, I promise that you can realize your dream of becoming a published author and, if you follow the right steps, profit from your hard work. You absolutely can impact thousands of lives with your words. I welcome you to schedule a Next Steps Call at no cost. We can discuss writing, editing, publishing, marketing, or other projects. Also, be sure to visit my Bookstore to see many Crippled Beagle Publishing Clients' wonderful work and my Author Shop to find helpful tools you can use right away. Congratulations for deciding to write. Now, take the next step I'm ready to guide you —Jody Dyer, owner of Crippled Beagle Publishing

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Writing Services

Do you have an idea, a pile of notes, a collection of pages, a rough draft, a finished first draft? No matter where you are in the writing process for your project, I will help you go from the first word to "The End." I work as a ghostwriter, co-writer, writing instructor, and muse.  The Crippled Beagle Publishing team serves professionals across different industries on a variety of projects that may include books, business documents and letters, sales campaigns, sales page copy, website copy, marketing and social media content, product descriptions, freelance articles, and more. To discuss your project, schedule a Next Steps Call with me, Jody. 

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Editing and Proofreading Services 

You cannot effectively edit and proofread your own work. The human brain is a tricky machine, and we typically memorize our writing (even 100,000 words), in a strange way. Thus, a second set of eyes is crucial to maintaining your project's accuracy and your credibility in the marketplace. Don't let mechanical errors cost you readers and earnings when you can easily hire help. Crippled Beagle Publishing offers different levels of editing and proofreading services. We customize the process and pricing to fit your goals, schedule, and budget. To learn more and get pricing for your project, schedule a Next Steps Call.

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Packages and Services

Crippled Beagle Publishing will help you reach your publishing goals. We publish books in most genres and welcome submissions for our Catalog Package. We also offer self-publishing services so that you can retain 100% of royalties through our Imprint Package. Both packages include manuscript formatting, cover design, registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, and other crucial, technical steps. Additionally, I (Jody) teach an online self-publishing course so that you can economically fast-track your book into the marketplace on your schedule. Let's decide which pathway is right for you.

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Packages and Services

The hard truth is that if you don't market your work, you likely won't sell many copies. The good news is that you can market your project on your schedule and on your budget and still meet reasonable profitability goals. We have several different options to help you, including comprehensive packages, coaching, a la carte "done for you" services, and an online course, and a thick, step-by-step manual. To determine the best marketing option for you, schedule a Next Steps Call. 

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Online Course

Take a guided journey on your schedule to create a rock-solid marketing foundation for your book business. Modules include videos, slide decks, real-life examples, countless tools that you can download and use, and pro tips at every stage. One step at a time, learn and apply lessons, tips, templates, guides, advice, checklists, and more to build a sturdy marketing foundation that will help you reach more readers and earn higher royalties!

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Writing, Editing, Publishing, and/or Marketing

Enjoy customized coaching on your budget and your schedule. I'll help you from idea to finished first draft or meet you wherever you are and guide you as far as you want to go.  My team and I are ready to assist you at affordable rates on your schedule. I'll help you figure out and execute the best path. I often help clients work through all four phases. Together, we will make a solid plan. Reach out to me for guidance. Let's start with a simple phone call.

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Membership in the Regal Beagles Author Club will help you in any and all phases. Join the group and make progress today!

Regal Beagles Author Club
~ A Monthly Membership Program for Writers ~

This group will help you improve your writing, fast-track publishing processes, and sell more books. Learn from and teach writers who share your interests and goals. Have fun in this creative community and make your author dreams come true! Enjoy live group Zoom meetings, a private Facebook group, discounted private sessions with our team, a FREE physical copy of the 260-page Big Book of Book Marketing, and more! We brainstorm, give feedback, ask and answer questions, share ideas, teach each other shortcuts, share tools, enjoy camaraderie and support, and so much more. NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE PUBLISHING PROCESS, membership in the Regal Beagles Author Club will help you. Join the fun now! 

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The Big Book of Book Marketing: Tips, Lists, and Tools for Authors 
~ The Ideal Workbook for Independent Authors Who Want to Grow Readership and Earn Higher Royalties ~

The Big Book of Book Marketing was created with independent authors in mind. Why struggle in confusion when there's a roadmap (with lots of shortcuts) ready for you to start using today? The best way to approach marketing is to offer quality, authentic content and be consistent in your efforts. There is NO need to feel overwhelmed. Instead, slow down, learn, pace yourself, joyfully engage with readers, and enjoy every moment of your author journey. This comprehensive workbook walks you, step-by-tiny step, through the process of building a strong marketing foundation, creating a marketing plan that matches your budget and schedule, and creating content that will attract potential readers! WE address brand creation, reviews, social media, websites and landing pages, bloggers, podcasters, finding your audience, speaking opportunities, list building, communication platforms, lead magnets, sales funnels, and much more (with real life examples and templates). NOTE! If you join the Regal Beagles Author Club or sign up for the online course Market Your Book!, you get a FREE copy of The Big Book of Book Marketing. This 260-page book is a fantastic investment for writers at any stage of the publishing process. The eBook is available here. Find the print version on Happy marketing! ~Jody and Team

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I knew I was supposed to write this book. My problem was I had no idea where to even start. But when I met Jody Dyer, I knew it was going to happen. Jody walked me through the process and stayed with me all the way to the publishing of my book. I could not have done it without her. She was my mentor and now I am honored to call her my friend. —Brenda Seals, author of Son Down, Son Up
My story was truly a God-led journey; one that didn’t end with just writing my book, which is something that I had never planned or imagined I would be called to do. Once it was completed I had no idea how I would get years worth of work edited, published, and into the hands of those who needed to read it. But then God led me to Jody.  What an incredible blessing it was to trust my work to someone so amazing, professional, talented, kind, and encouraging. She held my hand and walked me through this process. Not only did Jody do a fabulous job throughout the editing and publishing phases, about which I knew nothing, she believed in my book, which means more than she’ll probably ever know. I am so thankful to have had this wonderful experience with someone who takes such pride and care in her work. —Jessica Akhrass, Author of Sincerely, Addison’s Sister

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Jody Dyer and Crippled Beagle Publishing transformed a dream into reality, and now I have a collection of the best poems I’ve written over the last 60 years.  Like the GPS in my car, Jody guided me through the twisted and convoluted paths of the publishing process.  I would never have been able to do this on my own.  In addition to this service, Jody is a continuous source of inspiration, encouragement, and productive criticism.  Always full of energy and ideas, she infused me with confidence and the knowledge that I can do this. I would without hesitation urge my friends who might be interesting in writing and publishing to contact Crippled Beagle Publishing. —Carmen Nappo, poet and author of When Clocks Stop

What's your story?

Crippled Beagle Publishing will help you tell it!

About Jody Dyer

Owner of Crippled Beagle Publishing

Jody Dyer’s diverse professional background and life-long love of the written word create a unique combination that benefits her clients. She is a gifted and hard-working writer, ghostwriter, editor, publisher, marketer, and entrepreneur. Jody has a finance degree and strong business know-how. A former high school educator, she puts her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction to use as writing and marketing instructor for the University of Tennessee Center for Professional Education & Lifelong Learning. Students and clients praise her ability to take complex projects and break them down into simple, achievable steps. Jody's number one goal is to help writers become successful published authors. She periodically designs and launches new products and services. Tell her what you need, and she will find or create a way to help you. Contact her directly at [email protected] to set a phone appointment or click HERE to book a call right on her calendar.  

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There are many steps in telling your story, but you don’t have to take the steps alone. Crippled Beagle Publishing guides clients from any stage (ideas, piles of notes, rough drafts, manuscripts) through the complex phases of writing, revising, publishing, and marketing. Clients enjoy plans customized to their needs, budgets, and schedules so they can conquer the evolving, expanding learning curves of the publishing industry and enjoy success as published authors. ~Jody

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