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This famous line from writer Gary Vaynerchuk absolutely applies to books. The path from book idea to bookstore shelves can be complex and confusing, but help is here! In the Regal Beagles Author Club, we support each other with every element of the writing and publishing process, from content ideas to sales success. Join this group to avoid overwhelm and enjoy your author journey while reaching goals faster.

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  • Monthly live Zoom calls with the group (Zoom meetings will be recorded and emailed to members.) The Zoom calls happen on the 1st Monday of the month at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.
  • A members-only, private Facebook Group
  • 25% off private sessions (phone or Zoom) with me or a Crippled Beagle Publishing team member who specializes in your area of need
  • 25% off all Crippled Beagle Publishing online courses
  • Free templates, checklists, tools, ideas, guides, and other resources
  • A FREE copy of my new 260-page marketing book, The Big Book of Book Marketing: Tips, Lists, and Tools for Authors ($77 retail value)
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We help each other.

Why have one muse when you can have a whole group of them? Your fellow Regal Beagles will help you dream, brainstorm, plan, and write.

We share answers.

When you have a question about grammar, syntax, formatting, mechanics, or other manuscript issues, the Regal Beagles and the Crippled Beagle team will be ready to assist.

We publish.

Enjoy a smoother road to the marketplace as you take the many steps in the publishing process. Lean on Jody's team and the Regal Beagles for guidance, and then help others!

We sell books and celebrate!

Regal Beagles share ideas, tools, tips, checklists, wins, bloopers, shortcuts, and more to help each other joyfully find more readers and sell more books.

Regal Beagles get a free copy of Jody Dyer's easy but comprehensive manual,

The BIG Book of Book Marketing.


There's a roadmap ready for you! The best way to approach marketing is to offer professional, high-quality, authentic content and be consistent in your efforts. There is NO need to feel overwhelmed. Instead, slow down, learn, pace yourself, happily engage with readers, and embrace every moment of your author journey. 

Ready to join the fun and reach your goals?

This growing group of passionate wordsmiths will welcome you, help you, encourage you, and cheer you on to success as author royalty! To collaborate with creative minds and reach your goals faster, join today! 

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Meet Jody Dyer

Founder and Owner

Crippled Beagle Publishing

I have helped hundreds of people (ages 11 to 96), including many first-time authors, reach their goals. I’d love to help YOU! I am a full-time writer, editor, publisher, and book marketing consultant. I also teach workshops for The University of Tennessee Center for Professional Education and Lifelong Learning and Pellissippi State Community College. As a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, I invest in continuing my own education to then help my clients meet their goals.  

Regal Beagles Author Club is the perfect place for you to ask questions in an understanding and supportive online environment. I will guide the group as we grow together in knowledge and success. The publishing industry is fraught with scams and confusion that get in the way of the artistic process and profitability. This club is the opposite. We help each other ENJOY writing, editing, publishing, and marketing! I look forward to meeting you.

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Claudia Peacock

One BIG Family

"I am not a writer, but I felt I had a story to tell that would encourage young people ... That, coupled with my love of children, begged to be told. I struggled to write my story and when I had done all I could do, I turned to a friend for a recommendation. My friend suggested I contact Jody at Crippled Beagle Publishing. I did and what a wonderful recommendation. Jody took my poor book and transformed my organization, smoothed the grammar, and crafted what I had written into a “sweet book.” I will forever be indebted to Jody for helping me realize my dream of publishing my story so others would be encouraged and hopefully consider fostering children."

Julia Tanner

Picnic on the Fault Line

"For many years, my wish has been to put together a book of my poems— which I have been writing since the 1980’s. Originally conceived as a gift for family and friends, and something I thought I would surely be able to figureout on the internet— finding Jody to help with all of the details has made my vision come true. From her excellent editing and computer skills, to her creativity with the design of the cover and general layout, and her efficiency in meeting a time-line, she has far exceeded my expectations. And I do appreciate her encouragement to make this book more widely available.Though I have shared some of these poems with others over the years (and often been encouraged to publish them in book form) my busy career as a professional cellist in Nashville TN, and raising two beautiful daughters, has often made finding time for my other artistic pursuits a struggle. But my love for reading, writing, and poetry in particular has never ceased. I also greatly love the visual arts, and was so happy that Jody could help me design a cover that features one of my paintings. Hopefully you will find some of the breadth of that journey reflected in this little volume that spans thirty years of my life."

Mason Dakota

The Dystopian King Series
"When I decided to go the route of self-publishing, I looked into several options for editing. I knew I needed it, but everyone was either out of my price range, not the best at working with the client’s needs, or (frankly) boring. I wanted an experience as much as I wanted professional results and a reliable source I could return to for future works. Then I was introduced to Jody Dyer and found someone whose humor and personality reminded you that she is an actual human being and not some machine giving you edited results. Jody was flexible, which I greatly appreciated. Her professionalism, coupled with her frequent advice on both my manuscript and how to run a writing business, ensured not only a high-quality work, but also told me she was just as passionate about the success of my book as I was. I am happy to say I am confident to have Jody Dyer edit my work for me because with her, not only do you find professional level work at a reasonable and flexible rate, but you also find a friend who wants you to succeed in this business."


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